kidrevenger01 said:
Stay on the road. The colt wouldn't leave the trail, so that's the best place to look.

Trailblazer's Cutie Mark (+5) affects your roll. You roll a 6 +5 (required 10). Success!

You choose to continue following the serpentine road, and pass by a couple of patrolling coast guards on their way back from Saddleshire.

After a few more minutes of scanning the waysides, something unusual draws your attention. You tie a blue surveyor's tape to the nearest tree, then head back to investigate.

You use Surveyor's Tape.

Upon closer inspection, you find a small patch of wildflowers with bent and broken stems. The trampled plants do not appear wilted yet, hinting that someone or something must have passed through here fairly recently, headed south.

You carefully step around them, and look for other nearby clues in that direction. Your search brings you to a small puddle of mud next to a shaded bed of tall grass, where you identify the imprint of a small hoof.

Furia Storm: "Good eye. Now what?"

Looking up from the promising lead, you are met with a dense wall of overgrown oats. The plants standing taller than you are, you realize that navigating through them blindly could leave you just as lost as the colt you came looking for.

Unsure of what to do next, you take a moment to consider your options.

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Hopeful Pioneer
It perplexes me whether these get made really quickly somehow or if there's a large collection that's just now being published bit by bit.