Just a filly playing on an N64 with her caretaker nothing to see here
safe2049271 alternate version65280 artist:smoldix231 artist:wheredamaresat61 edit158812 imported from derpibooru2816037 twilight sparkle348454 oc884378 oc:filly anon4301 alicorn274762 earth pony341240 pony1215861 age difference4072 black mane739 black tail158 chair8819 chest fluff53315 concentrating227 cute233787 duo89169 ear fluff40451 earth pony oc17360 eyebrows10243 eyebrows visible through hair5423 female1278785 filly83861 floppy ears63870 foal26381 gaming685 gaming chair108 green eyes6668 home78 horn108286 living room396 looking at something3745 mare596850 multicolored mane2642 nintendo 64261 not porn516 purple eyes3806 scrunchy face7838 sitting79812 smiling333551 tail59018 television3228 twilight is a foal fiddler401 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141826 wall of tags4266 wholesome782 wings174332


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