Flash Sentry — Pegasus
Sunset Shimmer — Unicorn
Timber Spruce — Earth Pony
Micro Chips — Unicorn
Sandalwood — Earth Pony
??? — Pegasus

There doesn't seem to be any character to represent a second pegasus in this "New Six". The character has to be a teenage 'Equestria Girls' original, must be a major recurring character, and former villains and background characters don't count.
safe1948745 artist:bb-k68 edit150813 edited screencap71435 imported from derpibooru2676690 screencap243993 flash sentry14641 microchips1484 sunset shimmer73422 timber spruce2213 earth pony307965 pegasus354199 unicorn388756 equestria girls236671 equestria girls (movie)7338 equestria girls series38930 hearth's warming eve (episode)709 legend of everfree8576 backpack2224 banner2299 blue background6849 bust61476 camp everfree logo371 camp everfree outfits2131 clothes541682 cropped53926 dreadlocks702 earth pony tribe25 eyes closed111847 female1196037 flag4807 flower30572 glasses74478 green background3169 green eyes5815 hat102623 jacket15240 jewelry80996 looking at you203422 male410828 object280 official10583 pegasopolis28 pegasus tribe36 question mark5356 red background1179 regalia24336 simple background478219 smiling305673 smirk14571 sun7664 sunflower600 suspenders661 sweater16815 transparent background236528 unicorn tribe30 unicornia84


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