I lost a bet and had to draw Nyx
safe1992150 artist:jargon scott2987 imported from derpibooru2736190 oc853306 oc only545962 oc:dyx381 oc:nyx2443 alicorn265551 pony1168811 4chan cup441 bipedal39727 boots26528 cheerleader3246 cheerleader outfit1287 cigarette4687 clothes556613 duo81985 female1232658 filly80894 foal23431 football1812 glasses76769 kicking2406 looking at you211337 open mouth190089 open smile9861 pom pom1390 shoes46450 siblings12184 simple background494545 sisters11167 slit pupils1283 smiling318637 smiling at you10165 smoking5030 sneakers5709 sports5097 sunglasses17485 underhoof61767 white background124764


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