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i hate the antichrist
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[bq="Background Pony #C3A9"] Wouldn't "((Alicorns))" want to flood every possible space with zebras? Or are you just way out of touch as per usual? [/bq]
Why would they?
Looking at the only zebra shown, Zecora:
1. Lives in the forest that ponies are scared to go to because of all the dangerous creatures and such
2. Lived in that place for a while (her hut was full of stuff and not empty) before showing up in Ponyville - meaning that:
- she didn't need to visit the town for food or medicine, she is a perfect forager
- she didn't need to visit the town for medical attention, as she is either:
A. was never seen by any creature living there, as she is a master of stealth
B. was seen by a creature and completely obliberated it without getting hurt or only had minor injuries as she is a master of combat
C. could have been hurt at some point (creatures, sharp tree sticks, tripping and falling), but healed herself as she is a master of medicine
D. all of the above
-3. lived there for some time, and when she showed up in Ponyville, no one knew who she was, meaning that all this time she was unnoticed, as she is a master of camouflage and stealth
-4. when Applebloom steals and chugs Zecora's Heart Desire potion and gets cutiepox, Zecora knows exactly how to heal it and gives the potion that would help Applebloom despite her stealing one before
-5. knows the fauna of the forest she lives in - knows what Poisonjoke does to ponies
-5.1. knows how to make a cure for that plant, makes them for affected Mane6 before they even asked for it (bonus, quote from Wikia: "The hut is further wrecked by Rainbow Dash's uncoordinated flying". Still gives them the potion after that). Twilight asks for more cures just in case, and again, Zecora is glad to help
[spoiler]-6. makes Twilight drink acid laced cum[/spoiler]
-7. probably more stuff in episodes I haven't watched

TL;DR: the only shown zebra, Zecora, is kind-hearted master of foraging, medicine, alchemy, combat and stealth. Why would the alicorns want to have more zebras in Equestria? To show ponies that they are inferior to zebras?
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