For those who don't know, this is a very out-of-context line from Ghostly Adventures.

(I wanted to make this when that show first came out. So nine years I've procrastinated with it.)
suggestive171456 artist:pika-robo418 derpibooru exclusive35161 imported from derpibooru2776372 rainbow dash266415 pegasus379687 pony1192469 3d101248 animated116958 ashleigh ball368 bedroom eyes72019 butt80569 delicious39 featureless crotch7880 female1255655 flying46664 looking at you216469 pac-man and the ghostly adventures26 pinky (pac-man)2 plot92521 presenting30113 revamped ponies444 smiling326019 solo1268535 sound12872 talking8731 turning91 voice actor joke2170 walking6250 webm20207


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