The full YouTube version of TJ Pones's video, now ripped from the source WebM instead of re-encoded at double the size! (I can't believe I spent hours on getting it re-encoded at just the right CRF setting instead of just checking if YouTube had a WebM version I could download.)
safe2048626 artist:tjpones4313 imported from derpibooru2815038 maud pie14496 earth pony341030 pony1215295 absurd file size2344 animated118387 chair8813 female1278186 fifteen.ai563 gaming685 gaming chair107 headset2206 implied limestone pie15 machine learning assisted192 mare596594 not minecraft3 office chair224 rock5627 smiling333365 solo1288137 sound13211 streaming186 talking to viewer4422 that pony sure does love rocks163 vintage story4 vulgar23490 webm20766 when she smiles1118


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Hopeful Pioneer
She would respectfully decline, because Minecraft is on a slow but obvious decline so why play that when she's got Vintage World and better rocks?