Sombra: "Wht is the meaning of this? Release me you foolish unicorn."
Twilight: "Well, after a small detection in your magical balance, I detected some shadow cells withing you related to something called 'umbrum'. So now I'm gonna check what's inside of you. Isn't magic and science amazing?!"
Sombra: "You are sick! Are you Crazy or something?!!"
Twilight: "Crazy? Or genius?! Spike, get me the enema hose."
Spike: "Twilight, I'm starting to get really concerned for your health."
safe2021677 artist:twi clown38 imported from derpibooru2777784 king sombra16411 spike90919 twilight sparkle344959 dragon69514 pony1193202 unicorn415423 the crystal empire2984 alternate ending593 clothes567153 female1256442 lab coat2656 machine1417 male431809 mare585967 restrained1767 stallion140329 story included11050 suggestive description43 syringe993 the crystal empire 10th anniversary261 trio12802 unicorn twilight21091


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