Little piece of fanart for Metalhead97 of their dragon Veitie. Apparently she doesn't like to smile or laugh… but that's about to change~
safe2071343 artist:irkingir19 imported from derpibooru2847143 oc896210 oc:veitie5 anthro340111 dragon72400 anthro oc35699 bondage43148 bound2238 bound wings4456 clothes585051 dragoness11605 dress54807 eyeliner1356 feather7504 feet49551 female1297036 fetish52620 foot focus3822 makeup30836 metalhead43 nose piercing3653 outfit1726 piercing55154 rope14486 rope bondage5478 tickle fetish2124 tickling5641 toe tied631 toes7966 wings179306


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