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Some lovely anon colored and uploaded a hella old sketch of mine recently. ( 3208673 ) Reminded me I never finished it and always wanted to, so I went ahead and gave it a full redraw at the start of today's stream. This one's for you, mysterious Anon. <3
explicit542573 artist:testostepone719 imported from derpibooru3497293 fluttershy287300 pegasus505176 pony1579442 anatomically correct43005 anus151644 butt225806 butt focus873 colored sketch4780 crotchboobs33762 dark crotchboobs54 dark genitals17263 dock77146 female1865232 flutterbutt8418 from behind20122 grass16025 looking at you276513 looking back92942 looking back at you30389 lying down45964 mare748166 nipples257206 nudity569519 outdoors20865 plot142701 prone36218 redraw3295 simple background620533 sketch91092 solo1513593 solo female255583 tail94633 teats12597 vulva202421


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