Who's our cast for today? C'mon ponies (plus one kirin, if that list is correct), let's speed this up! We've got a long day of filming. It'll be quite busy: scripts to memorize, lines to recite, cameras to roll, a stage to be set, costumes and makeup to be worn…

Speaking of costumes…

It appears everypony is already mostly dressed, good! Those costumes are awfully realistic, aren't they? I don't think I've ever seen anything like it! Applewood's finest engineers and designers were clearly hard at work making the best for this production. Hey, just what are we filming, anyway?

Checks Director's notes…

"PonySuits!"? What kinda name for a movie is that? The stage is empty, ponies, c'mon! Are we really slacking this much?


What do you mean it's "meant" to be empty? Better yet, why is this script full of nonsense like, "Queen Chrysalis brainwashes Shining Armor"? Didn't we already do this way back in Season 2? Or what about, "Local butcher turns her friends into Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle"? These stage directions make no sense, and the second one sounds like something out of a horror movie!

…Is that Sassy Saddles mask moving? Did that Princess Luna just wink? What's going on here?!

……Oh wow, that's… that's not PG-rated…!

Oh my… I didn't sign up to do a film of this nature…

I think I'll just "Exit Stage Left," myself…

Story by Starless-Night

This was a commission done for the Ponysuits Discord Server! If you’d like to see more fics and pics like this, join and say hi! (18+ only)
safe2433903 artist:aero_moon15 imported from derpibooru3582466 applejack229048 coco pommel8284 fluttershy294684 king sombra19450 princess cadance46917 princess luna133866 queen chrysalis48094 rainbow dash319775 rarity248783 sassy saddles1512 shining armor32573 twilight sparkle410241 oc1058008 oc:auralia5 oc:azulito27 oc:cutting edge15 oc:darkblossom3 oc:dawn heart11 oc:encore4 oc:fallen leaf17 oc:plucky pizzicato5 oc:pozzo4 oc:rising sun13 oc:starless night (desolator)4 oc:withania nightshade126 alicorn339107 bat3186 bat pony82403 changeling71745 earth pony472582 kirin17004 pegasus526682 pony1630385 undead6681 unicorn572586 vampire6291 vampire bat pony147 vampony2949 bat ears835 bat pony oc31857 bat wings23005 bedroom eyes91737 blushing308491 butt236076 clothes705431 commission129107 costume42520 crossdressing13772 curtains4551 digital art32619 disguise7501 earth pony oc26024 female1924337 female to male439 fetish64677 furry10226 glowing18190 glowing eyes16990 grin67609 gritted teeth20712 group7948 group photo1201 group shot697 hoof on chin1056 horn174360 hypnosis6679 kirin oc3965 ladder1120 latex22003 latex fetish219 latex suit7996 lidded eyes51281 living clothes255 living suit437 looking at each other37304 looking at someone16194 magic105724 male573549 male to female1986 mare776941 mask11162 masking503 pegasus oc36748 pendulum160 pony costume364 ponysuit1330 rubber3678 rubber suit1374 rule 6337351 shiny4544 skinsuit390 smiling434276 smirk19708 stage4853 stallion198842 story included13589 teeth22935 theater429 transformation18313 transgender transformation3195 unicorn oc31716 unicorn twilight33962 wings247581


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