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I made a Bikini Texture Pack for the NexGen models. You can find it once you join the NexGen Discord server and head over to the community addons channel.

Special thanks to kevhon for suggesting designs and providing feedback and for all the other people who submitted their OCs to showcase the new designs.
suggestive204991 artist:epsilonwolf58 imported from derpibooru2910363 princess cadance43350 princess celestia122400 princess luna125576 starlight glimmer61882 sunset shimmer83473 twilight sparkle383840 twilight velvet5970 oc947299 oc:cyanide7 oc:golden lust168 oc:icy heart280 oc:midnight grave160 oc:noctilucent184 oc:shimmering spectacle282 alicorn303322 anthro365892 bat pony72451 pegasus452078 plantigrade anthro46202 unicorn496516 3d111356 alicorn oc34894 american flag bikini147 bat pony oc27461 bat wings21665 beach22175 bikini25482 bikini bottom1754 bikini top2782 breasts379768 clothes624988 cow swimsuit31 cowkini252 cowprint1662 european union69 feet53011 female1709218 females only18575 german flag bikini1 group photo1030 hands on breasts398 hands on hip697 hands on thighs150 horn124993 leopard print104 leopard print swimsuit7 lying down36617 magical lesbian spawn15525 magical threesome spawn679 milf12689 nexgen1664 pegasus oc27406 sand3440 side hug628 sitting87902 smiling366627 source filmmaker65048 string bikini1007 swimsuit39380 unicorn oc23566 unicorn twilight28847 wings203887 winking at you2610 zebra print36 zebra print swimsuit1


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