I made a Bikini Texture Pack for the NexGen models. You can find it once you join the NexGen Discord server and head over to the community addons channel.

Special thanks to kevhon for suggesting designs and providing feedback and for all the other people who submitted their OCs to showcase the new designs.
suggestive228544 artist:epsilonwolf58 imported from derpibooru3568140 princess cadance46662 princess celestia129966 princess luna133212 starlight glimmer66670 sunset shimmer89850 twilight sparkle408633 twilight velvet6517 oc1050996 oc:cyanide8 oc:golden lust183 oc:icy heart361 oc:midnight grave288 oc:noctilucent214 oc:shimmering spectacle361 alicorn336875 anthro417210 bat pony81847 pegasus523163 plantigrade anthro54806 unicorn568788 3d137275 alicorn oc38387 american flag bikini174 bat pony oc31587 bat wings22659 beach25661 bikini31246 bikini bottom2695 bikini top3598 breasts437551 clothes700437 cow swimsuit31 cowkini337 cowprint1961 equestrian flag433 equestrian flag bikini1 european union73 feet61737 female1913503 females only20420 flag bikini145 german flag bikini1 group photo1189 hand on hip14358 hands on breasts502 hands on hip695 hands on thighs186 horn170049 leopard print137 leopard print swimsuit8 lying down49798 magical lesbian spawn16527 magical threesome spawn801 milf14400 nexgen2012 pegasus oc36314 s1 luna9091 sand4002 side hug679 sitting100703 smiling430804 source filmmaker75159 string bikini1213 swimsuit46447 unicorn oc31322 unicorn twilight33699 wings244834 winking at you3613 zebra print89 zebra print swimsuit1


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