I made a Bikini Texture Pack for the NexGen models. You can find it once you join the NexGen Discord server and head over to the community addons channel.

Special thanks to kevhon for suggesting designs and providing feedback and for all the other people who submitted their OCs to showcase the new designs.
suggestive226977 artist:epsilonwolf58 imported from derpibooru3553330 princess cadance46429 princess celestia129398 princess luna132632 starlight glimmer66335 sunset shimmer89299 twilight sparkle407101 twilight velvet6475 oc1044841 oc:cyanide8 oc:golden lust183 oc:icy heart355 oc:midnight grave285 oc:noctilucent210 oc:shimmering spectacle361 alicorn334862 anthro413668 bat pony81323 pegasus519371 plantigrade anthro54336 unicorn564731 3d136060 alicorn oc38231 american flag bikini174 bat pony oc31308 bat wings22346 beach25271 bikini30771 bikini bottom2566 bikini top3556 breasts433938 clothes695478 cow swimsuit31 cowkini332 cowprint1940 equestrian flag430 equestrian flag bikini1 european union72 feet61245 female1902660 females only20278 flag bikini145 german flag bikini1 group photo1184 hand on hip14180 hands on breasts496 hands on hip695 hands on thighs179 horn165506 leopard print131 leopard print swimsuit8 lying down48983 magical lesbian spawn16499 magical threesome spawn803 milf14328 nexgen1983 pegasus oc35847 s1 luna9075 sand3948 side hug679 sitting100017 smiling427283 source filmmaker74756 string bikini1200 swimsuit45819 unicorn oc30911 unicorn twilight33463 wings242041 winking at you3555 zebra print87 zebra print swimsuit1


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