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Applejack in a bucket. Her fat ass is now stuck. Yeehaw !
Full resolution picture, edits and PSD file on Patreon as usual.
Thanks everyone for continuous support ♥
explicit500812 artist:dankflank564 imported from twibooru14137 applejack214991 earth pony404050 pony1429933 anatomically correct37933 anus135945 apple21056 applejack's hat12825 bucket3259 cowboy hat23826 crotchboobs30288 dock69313 ear fluff43546 female1709780 food99069 frog (hoof)18410 hat119556 image12724 looking at you245057 mare673486 needs more jpeg5573 nipples227164 nudity517498 on back32885 open mouth219327 ponut62665 pony pussy588 solo1406388 solo female234617 stuck3656 underhoof67852 vulva180234


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