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Applejack in a bucket. Her fat ass is now stuck. Yeehaw !
Full resolution picture, edits and PSD file on Patreon as usual.
Thanks everyone for continuous support ♥
explicit486988 artist:dankflank538 imported from twibooru14132 applejack209667 earth pony385370 pony1360100 anatomically correct36897 anus131373 apple20560 applejack's hat12305 bucket3183 cowboy hat23098 crotchboobs29542 dock67120 ear fluff42629 female1516255 food96257 frog (hoof)17938 hat116641 image12711 looking at you237351 mare648487 needs more jpeg5429 nipples214996 nudity498290 on back31895 open mouth212755 ponut60961 pony pussy588 solo1374677 solo female226914 stuck3567 underhoof66046 vulva172830


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