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i hate the antichrist
April Fools day — day of jester-y — I love jesters and shitposting
Zebra History Month — April, month of jestery, gangweed, and birth of Adolf Hitler
Zebras — me
Lack of colors — this
Thank you based devs, this almost feels like a gift to me, kek.
Captain Conundrum
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possibly made of hat
At least then having a singular overriding theme that's tilted way towards 'bright' design makes sense, even if it's a shit decision anyways. Oh well. Checking for import holes can wait until the end of next week i fucking guess.

Would it really have hurt to have the theme able to be toggled off? At least when Derpi did this kind of 'joke' they were open about it and simply removed all other themes from the list.
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