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Right now I am hospitalized and undergoing various preps for my upcoming surgery. It includes anesthesia and stuff. I am pretty scared of that shit since, you know, drug is injected through veins and such. But I may get to visit Equestria while I'm at it. That's reassuring.

I hope I'll be alright. If I really do trip while on drugs I'll be sure to find Dashie and tell her you said hi. Love you all, horsebros. See you in a next week.
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I can't post on 4chins since my phone is too outdated. Sorry for my autistic inconvenience.

If I get to Equeadtria 4 reals what is a first thing I should do? Since drugs kicks in almost instantly I'll be fully aware of that happening while in dreams it's not always like this.
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>you wouldn't really be able to buy anything.

She can hire me as cheap labor. Then I pick her up and throw, like wren suggested.
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Also next thing I do is find glimmer and pinch her for being a Mary Sue.
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The surgery is tomorrow at 10 pm. Yay, Godspeed. My roommates say that it can feel like you instantly wake up after your slumber instead of watching a dream. That sucks, I hope that's fake news.
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Nuuuuuu! I want to see ponies!

sigh guess some kinds of drugs just cannot be helped. Anyway. It's 6 am. 3 to 4 hours before the surgery. Damn I miss my home so much.
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