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Started by skybrook
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Is there any booru or something that doesn't allow "No edits" on their DNP? Like the booru mods can gatekeep for Patreon if they want to be self-destructive assholes, and they can forbid posting unaltered works since they love giving artists a way to emotionally abuse people. That's all well and good.

But is there anywhere that draws a line at artists who say you're not allowed to post derivations, collages, recolors or other unauthorized edits of their unlicensed My Little Pony fanart?

I'm tired of tricking artists into exploiting themselves, by stroking their egos with that shit.

@Background Pony #7AB5

ostensibly they are legally prevented from hosting representations of characters implied to be underage that are furries, but nonanthro foalcon is A-OK.

I don't know about there being lolicon on there I never look for the stuff.
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