PonerPics Community Collaboration 2023

2023 Collab -

Ponerpics Community Collaboration 2023

Deadline: November 30th

Picture cannot contain multiple characters.
Picture must be of an OC, and not a character from the show.
Picture must be tagged with 'ponerpics community collab 2023'.
Picture must be tagged with an artist tag (not anonymous).
Picture must be original to the collab, no recycling old work.
Picture should have a transparent background, if you are unable to do so, then it must have a blank background with a clean outline around the character.
Picture should be colored, if for some reason you are unable to color your picture, message me or leave a comment in this thread and we'll see if we can fix it.
Picture must be SFW.
No low effort art (i.e. shitposts) — beginner art is allowed.
No anthro/humanized art.

If you would like, you may post multiple drawings for the collab under your artist tag, but only one will be selected for the final picture.
Submissions made the day before, or of, the deadline may not make it into the final picture.
Any pictures that do not make it into the final collab will have the collab tag removed.
If you and another artist would like your OCs paired together in the final picture, then leave a note in the descriptions, and I'll try and do so.
Art may be also be rejected if: the image has been drawn as to take up an excessive amount of space; the image contains 'SFW' fetish material that sane people find repulsive; or the image contains contentious political bullshit.
2023 Collab -

I was thinking a tranparent background, with a thick white outline around the art, so it has a sort of sticker appearance. That's not for sure though, I'll experiment around and see what looks good.
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