Ponerpics community collaboration event

Punished McGee

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Spiral, I cincerely weren't following your way of reasoning until you clarified what you've actually meant by all that "I have the same issue" and "try the full view" puzzle. Sorry for misunderstanding you.

Ponybooru is the only website that doesn't show any images at all. All I see is empty spaces with tags. I'll try reenabling java script and see if it works.
Veliko Tarnovo

@Background Pony #3387
@Dumbshwick McGee
There is no specific style to aim for, no. It can be anything ranging from show accurate to artist specific. Of course there are standarts so art must be at least more appealing than stick figures or chris chan's art.

@Background Pony #3387
1 — Account is not required.
2 — Sure. This is not a competition between boorus. This is ponies.

Ok, I will submit this North Korean girl first. (I don't have main account here yet but I am considering getting one)


Ok, it was me. Finally I got an account here. :)
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