Ponerpics community collaboration event

Punished McGee

A fallen legend

All I've got was rejection.

It was unwise of me to play God. To force that event into being. It's like birthing the wanted child into an unwanted world.

Ultimately pointless.

I was blaming myself at first.

For bestowing upon a golden pedestal in an empty room filled with shit.

But then it came to me.

The world just is not ready.

The world isn't ready for my divine blessings.

That is why I've freed myself from an untimely obligation to carry out my will.

But mark my word.

The holy spirits will strike again.

I share their flesh.

I share their blood.

They stand by me to unify us all.

To be one.

To be truthful.

To cook fugly food.
Punished McGee

A fallen legend
Initially I thought of curating a simple collab in which the highest score from each submitted image would decide a winner. But as time went on I began feeling overwhelmed with opportunities. It's like carrying the overbearing guilt of wasting limitless potential. This could be so much more with enough time, a little more creative wit, a little less moderation.

Soon mares kitchen began metamorphosing into that of a scientific anomaly, a curiosity. I could almost see it play out in my head, like a full length movie, with character arcs, with stories to tell. But these stories need to be consistent. Tales can't stand amid the flow of careless intervention. So I've swayed everyone away from meddling with my pet project by overcomplicating the supposed rules of the event, which was actually a script for things to come. And now I've cutted the event completely out of the picture, giving it a new root of life.

Site Moderator
I mean, you could draw more if you wanted, or you could just be the one drawing and be featured like the celebrities in Hell's Kitchen. If you use a bit of creativity, you can get around limitations.
Punished McGee

A fallen legend
I knew from the start that nobody would've joined. To follow some random guys's nonsense would hurt anyone's pride.

The community is pretty much dead. So I'm not feeling the slightest of guilt by playing with its remains.
2023 Collab -

perhaps a more simple collaboration could be done with less steps then the lass one had/would have had since no one did it

I will put down my idea, Medieval Fantasy Mares. armor, swords, magic all that
I would be willing to hear more and do something else aswell
2023 Collab -

I doubt anyone here makes tumblrite oc's but perhaps that would help. I think the biggest factor in alot of the bad OCs is the multicolored coats. they just don't look right

I would also still be up for medieval weapon mares if more then just I wants it
Auti.. Artist - drawer of mare

>can't make a simple collab pic
>wants to do themes
Lmao, just do a simple ass collab, you clearly can't manage anything remotely complex. You'll be lucky if the same number of people shows up as back in 2022
Punished McGee

A fallen legend
Statistic shows that in 99 out of 100 cases people would run a trolley over your pathetic excuse of an oc rather than my precious hijab mare. Your singled out case data will be discarded as we don't account for niggers to have a merit to rational thought.
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