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I think Ponybooru had potential squandered by the staff not being willing to take criticism without getting uncivil.
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The staff have always seemed pretty civil, sans a couple of earlier incidents I cannot recall. Mind if I ask what is your criticism toward the place?
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I mean, the problem is not so much whether they are vitriolic, but rather that they think only they should be allowed to be vitriolic, and they have the power to enforce it over there.

I don't mind being chill if the admins are chill. Just don't want to get cut off from my friends, for the crime of criticising something. Also retarded no-edits DNP lists; may as well give artists a golden shovel so they'll happily dig their own grave.
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PonerPics exists so that there may be some small corner of the internet that is forever My Little Pony.

The purpose of PonerPics is to make available and searchable as many My Little Pony related images as possible, with as much searchable information on each image as possible, with as few images deleted as possible, with as many community engagement features as reasonable, with as little moderation as possible.

I wanted a place where pony images could be posted and browsed without threat of the images disappearing, or reasonable commentary being censored. I came up with the idea, and another individual came up with the name, in March 2019 when there was concern that Aryanne images would be censored from Derpibooru. The idea and domain name were dormant until approximately June 6, 2020, when Derpibooru announced a new rule against Nazi imagery. I and several others worked to get the website up and functional so that there may be a place for Aryanne images should they be purged from Derpibooru.

Development on this site was substantially underway before I was even aware of other "alt-boorus." The various My Little Pony image sites, as I understand it, have entirely different purposes and ideas behind them. I am not interested in telling people why PonerPics is better than any of them, as our existence is independent of theirs. PonerPics was a creation of love, costing over a thousand USD and taking very many hours from myself and others — so too are all of the My Little Pony image websites. Decide what you want in a website, check each of them out, and decide for yourself what works best for you.
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The final episode of Rick and Morty season 5 turns out to be great. And it's not because it tackles the sacred image of our God and savior evil morty as it's some kind of dog food for fans. You can see the amount of work put into finally spilling the beans and cutting the chain of this neverending speculation. Who is Rick? The fuck is my lad doin'? Those types of questions have finally been answered. The uncertainty has finally been dealt with. And it's showing. The writing team must have had a blast with this one episode.
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@Soft Lava
I stopped paying attention to R&M after season two. The hiatus was just too long for me to maintain interest. I think I watched one or two episodes of season 3, but it just wasn't as engaging to me. Plus, I read a couple of tweets from the creators shitting on MLP fans, which soured the series for me.

— — —

Getting back to the subject of PonerPics, how has site development been going? I haven't visited in around a month, so I'm not up to date on that. Has the issue of duplicate image uploads been addressed? I know it takes time to update and fix the automatic tools that are doing this, and that, at least for a while, IRL stuff has been taking most of the Dev time that might otherwise have been going to the site.

After that duplicate issue, are there any other site changes, features, or upgrades that are on the development roadmap? Maybe something like documenting how the "previous image" and "next image" buttons work, as they seem to be broken right now.
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I would watch Rick and Morty but I don't find I enjoy the sound of someone drunkenly belching as they explain to me how caring about stuff is dumb.
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Imagine there is an infinite number of universes sprouted throughout our timeline. In one of them, a mastermind from japan has helped to produce a series about american tactical espionage filled with fights, real historical events, robots, drama, humor, patriotism and boobs. Against all odds and weirdness in tone, the franchise became iconic.

That universe… It's the one you are given to experience.

And Kojima is its sole creator.
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