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Every drawing uploaded is getting flooded with people seething over it being 'bad' why? Any idea what autistic trigger exists in physical pencil art that's triggering their tism?
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Look at my new Alternative Universe story:
Paw Patrol Meets My Little Pony: The Battle For Harmony
The movie will be released on December 23, 2028, starring:
James Marsden as Rainbow Dash, Chase, and Marshall
Paul McCartney as Spike and Ryder
Sia as Twilight Sparkle and Skye
Kimiko Glenn as Everest, Rocky, and Zuma
Joe Biden as Princess Celstia and Rubble
Cardi B as Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and the villain, Power Night Shadow
Matreyi Ramakrishnan as Rarity

The story is:
Adventure Bay and Equestria collide together after an evil force, Power Night Shadow, gets his magic back. Our heroes must put aside their differences for the ultimate journey to defeat him.

The movie’s hit new songs are "Paws and Hooves", "Let's Sing With Shrek Today", and "Dog And Kitty Party".

How do you like my amzing movie idea?
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And Shrek the guewst star will be played by Keith Urban this masterpiecial film will get 3000 Grammy awards, 2 sequels, and a TV show which will run from 2029-2034.
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Easier to just report here then report 30 images. Just check under ponybooru imports and see the chaos
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Dumbshwick McGee

My hat vibrates, babe
Can ponerpics please make a policy that delists art that lacks the artistic merit?

That includes:

-low res captions from the show with added text

-crude paint.net abominations that will give chris-chan a run for his money

-photos of pony plushie with cum on it

-all of my art
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does anyone struggle immensely with specifically the snoot on a pony? I can never get it to look right or be the right shape. how the FUCK do you do it
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