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Selected by admin via personal preference (Source: i made it up)
On an unrelated note, I never noticed the "the" in your name, it's not in your artist tag.
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Yeah that's more me fucking up my own name, but I changed it to make it less weird.
Also I draw alot of nsfw, so I'm not asking or expecting to be featured more. I just don't get featuring not just the same artists over and over again but artists we all know and are popular.
I personally like when I see a featured art that's not just the same 3 guys. Plenty of other artists make stuff all the time and definitely deserve recognition.

Not saying there is favoritism, but it's hard to think there isn't when most featured images have to be liked by one person
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mod favorites and shit really I think, might not even be a choice based on anything besides certain types of art they like, I do think featured images should only be direct site uploads from ponerpics users rather then imports. even if the imports are higher quality (not in a mean way, just many of the long time artists still use derpi). they featured me once or twice I think. if I can be featured anyone can

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Featured images are almost always taken from images uploaded to PonerPics directly by the artist, with rare exceptions for special occasions. New artists tend to be prioritized, and the great majority of featured art is taken from art uploaded in the two weeks or so be the featuring. We try to space out which artists are chosen so as to minimize redundancy, but there are only so many artists posting so it does happen that artists will be featured again after only a couple months. Images with a "safe" tag are very strongly preferred as anything else will be filtered out or spoiled on default, and we do prefer the images we like most.
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