The user/artist/fan bashing thread

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Ever want to roast someone or vent on them but don't want to risk getting blocked or banned? Well, fret not! This thread is a place where you can roast, dislike, vent or bash on them because they are imbeciles of the fandom! Regulars if known are preferred.

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A few years ago, there was a particular fan project that minted some decorative coins with MLP designs on them. I bought a set. Even willingly paid extra, since it was on kickstarter or something. To this day, I haven't recieved anything from it. The artist in question has posted updates on their DeviantArt where they were showing themselves selling those coins at conventions. By this point, I'm sure that the bitch just used the crowdfunding to get a production run of a product that she'd essentially sell twice.

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Oh, and fuck artist 8698. He left a negative commentbom my upload, so I went on his profile and downvoted his uploads and called him a delusional prick for believing Fluttershy is his wife. Fucking loser lmao.
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You seriously bashing 8968 because of the comment he posted here? seriously? grow up man
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How old are you by chance? Are you twelve? Or just shitposting for the sake of it?
You seem to lack notable intelegence to contribute to a conversation
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30 AND autistic? i don't care if you have autism or not, the fact of the hour is you are acting like a cunt. Honestly with the way you are acting it would be insulting to your fellow 30 year olds and autists, because as the way it stands you don't act like someone whos 30 and has autism, you act like a child, a petiulant child. No amount of you having autism is an excues because i've met those with autism who were younger then you and acted with far more emotional intellegence then you. i suggest you take a step back, off from the internet as a whole, relax and reflex on as to why you are the way you are, because if you are going to continue lashing out against everyone here, You are not welcome here, you started it all with bitching and whining that people didn't like the content you uploaded. threatening those around you as if you are the big shot around you, you could have at any moment just not gave a fuck. but no, you had to go screeching and reeing all over the place spewing insults everywhere. You need to go outside. calm down, and accept the fact there will be people who will not like the shit you upload. It's clear to me and everyone else you either have something rough going through your life to go and lash out to everyone like this like a genuine child or that you are not mentally mature enough to be on the internet, so do yourself and everyone else a favour and go outside
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