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So I've noticed every single post with tag lolicon is either a 0 or -1 post vote. No matter how many upvotes it gets there is always an equal or greater number of downvotes. This seems like targeted downvoting, and should be fixed.

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Ideally people would just spoiler or hide tags they don't like, but no matter how stupid of them it is to downvote anything they dislike, you can't force them not to do that.
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Anyway that's why the scores of Ponerpics are no reference value at all. 99.99% of the votes were done by downvoting bots.
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People should be able to downvote, yes. But bots are a whole different story. Then the resulting scores is completely artificial and the system in the hands of a few autists with programming knowledge.
And it's not lolicon. It's humanized in general, g5 and eqg. And maybe you don't care about those tags. Based points for you. But what if they start targeting artists? Seems to be happening already with artist:mushy
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there is someone clearly using a bot unless autists have multiple accounts to get everything they don't like too at least -1 despite the amount of green hoof button

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Pretty sure it's the same for anthro. Bots across the site. Anyone mass downvoting "thing they don't like" (using bots in particular) across any tag is a hypocrite. One of the major points of the alt sites was that everything should be allowed and archived, and that people should use the damn filters to avoid anything they don't like. But nope. They can't be bothered.

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It's taken some work, but we've come a great way towards clearing up much of the bot spam on the site.
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