Bulk Importer program seems to not work anymore


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The bulk image importer program that was linked by Lotus, that I've been using to import stuff to this site, seems to not be working anymore.

I use the bulk importer script. It is extremely effective at scraping tags you like and automatically uploading them.

I was also asked to fill in a couple of captchas to get to Derpi when I popped over there to see if the site was down.

Has anyone else run into similar problems, or found workarounds?

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Weird. Well, whatever outage that was, it seems to be gone now. I can get the importer to work now.

While I have you, where did you get the importer program? The Mega link said it was version 1.4, so it's clearly the kind of tool that gets updated over time.

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The anon who does the bulk importer regularly posts his updated versions in both the 4chan /mlp/ Derpibooru alternative threads, and in the /mlpol/ Ponerpics thread
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