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Started by Background Pony #2A72
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Background Pony #2A72
I'm a bit fucking spooked about this, had to unfavorite multiple images that were either EQG or anthro, both of which are image types I have absolutely no interest in and never would've favorited. If it was just a one-time thing I would've thought it was just a misclick, but now I'm wondering. Has there been any image id reshuffling that could've resulted in this? If no, could a site admin please check the IPs that have logged into this account? I can provide an email to send that info to.

Site Administrator
@Background Pony #2A72
There has been an ID shuffling of sorts, that being the mass de-duplication. However, that shouldn't change which images are favorited, as the favorites should be transferred only to the exact duplicates.

As for other IPs on your account, I can confirm that no IP that has ever logged into your account has also logged into a different account.
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