Option to Remove Front Page Side Bar

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Derpibooru used to have this option but for some reason they disabled the option. It has been annoying ever since. My guess is because they wanted power to give their chosen images exposure. I only want a display option to toggle the side bar on and off.

The option in question made root page load /images instead of /activity; it was removed because byte[] couldn't be bothered to reimplement it in Philomena's code.

Speaking of things he didn't bother porting, an option to not autosubscribe on posting/uploading would be great.

If you are not subscribed to an image or a thread and post there, or are uploading a new image/thread, you will get subscribed to it automatically.
In Booru-on-Rails, this was three separate settings options (subscribe on reply — comments and posts, subscribe on upload — images, and subscribe on new threads — threads) in their own tab in settings, and users could opt to not have autosubscription happen. It was not ported to Philomena and for whatever reason it was defaulted to option that causes more actions (you need to subscribe once, you need to UNsubscribe every time).

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Ah, alright. We will look into that. Our devs are pretty busy with now scraping the entire catalog of image thumbnails off of Derpibooru and creating a few other scripts, but when we are done with our library we will be able to get to other changes like what you've suggested… hopefully.
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