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That's why I prefer to use this site over the other alts. This site also has the pros (compared to the other two major alts ponybooru and twibooru) of:
-most of the existing aliases for tagging purposes
-ID retention from derpi (no conflicting IDs when you want to search something + doesn't fuck with dupe saves)
-Best DNP policy (though it could at least have a delayed upload for art packs, so the artists can make at least some money), which makes it the purest archive site.

Downside is the actual user traffic. Came out the gate the latest, so it's got a fraction of the userbase that the others have. Well, that and an unknown number of existing derpi IDs missing/errored.

Site Administrator
They didn't do anything. They just aren't directly a part of the larger My Little Pony fandom (even though they are somewhat inclusive of it). For the same reason, I wouldn't link to Pennzoil, MetLife, or the homepage of Twitter.

Derpibooru does run ads for Furbooru (admittedly for obvious reasons), which is why I mentioned it.
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