Search seems to be malfunctioning


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Same here but in my case this error almost never let me access the site. And apparently this problem won't be solved soon, it's been over 2 days since the first time it happened. It should've been solved already at this point.
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After some aggressive refreshing I could log in.
Is there any sign of denial of service attacks or similar? I couldn't access the site at all yesterday.

Site Administrator
If you know what needs to be done, we are happy to listen.

No, it is definitely not denial of service. We've checked

@Captain Conundrum
The "internal server error" may be fixed by restarting Philomena, which is why the site sometimes goes to "bad gateway." We haven't yet successfully found a way to stop it from happening, or why it is happening. We believe it is caused by a timeout of elastisearch, but we are not sure. We are trying things, but we are limited by the need to reindex images on test servers, as well as difficulty in recreating the error.

Right now the "contingency" solution is to move the site to a new server where an updated version of philomena is installed
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The related images function is also broken, it redirects to the home page
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it's weird, on pc i cant access the site at all, but on android i get one internal server error, then on reloading everything works
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