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Started by Background Pony #A73A
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Background Pony #A73A
• “jpeg” should be unaliased from “needs more jpeg” due to Twibooru imports having the file type tagged.
• unofficial characters only → oc only

artist tags to be aliased
• dinexistente and cammy
• tstivv, arrow__root, and tgos_337. Arrow root is the main one and has 2 underscores.
• tgut, tummygut, and tomez
• fipoki and ClairePxl. They’re two different accounts of the same person, one for English and one for German. Weirdly enough, they sometimes sign both names on art.
• dbcreativearts and db
• nsfw13th and raph13th
• adamscage and manicpanda (his new tag)
Background Pony #A73A
Not aliases, but whatever,
“2 panel comic” and “3 panel comic” should imply “comic”

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@Background Pony #A73A":/forums/meta/topics/tag-aliases?post_id=964#post_964
Implication added to "3 panel comic". "2 panel comic" already had "comic" as an implied tag."
Background Pony #7D51
Another artist tag

artist:confetti_cakez, artist:confetti cakez, artist:raven-sunshine, artist:pumkinroll, artist:ravensunad, artist:confetti_nsfw, artist:nite-lite-lion, artist:ravensunart → artist:confetticakez

Perhaps have artist:NAWA aliased to artist:notawriteranon? Or whatever the proper operation would be, just since NAWA is how he always signs his stuff.
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Freckle Inspector

done, though I aliased into artist:paloma-paloma because it seems like the artist's preferred tag elsewhere

I'm working on looking at the other tags you guys posted when I have more time
Background Pony #A73A
I don’t think Twitter should imply meta. There’s plenty of reason to have the Twitter tag that aren’t about the fandom specifically.

searching for artist:perrox, artist:perro, artist:perrolo111 should return results for artist:public mistake.

Perro is the name he's going by on twitter, pillowfort, etc

artist:louvely, artist:mistresslouvely should return results for artist:lou
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