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Started by Background Pony #A73A
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Background Pony #A73A
• “jpeg” should be unaliased from “needs more jpeg” due to Twibooru imports having the file type tagged.
• unofficial characters only → oc only

artist tags to be aliased
• dinexistente and cammy
• tstivv, arrow__root, and tgos_337. Arrow root is the main one and has 2 underscores.
• tgut, tummygut, and tomez
• fipoki and ClairePxl. They’re two different accounts of the same person, one for English and one for German. Weirdly enough, they sometimes sign both names on art.
• dbcreativearts and db
• nsfw13th and raph13th
• adamscage and manicpanda (his new tag)
Background Pony #A73A
Not aliases, but whatever,
“2 panel comic” and “3 panel comic” should imply “comic”

Site Administrator
@Background Pony #A73A":/forums/meta/topics/tag-aliases?post_id=964#post_964
Implication added to "3 panel comic". "2 panel comic" already had "comic" as an implied tag."
Background Pony #7D51
Another artist tag

artist:confetti_cakez, artist:confetti cakez, artist:raven-sunshine, artist:pumkinroll, artist:ravensunad, artist:confetti_nsfw, artist:nite-lite-lion, artist:ravensunart → artist:confetticakez

Perhaps have artist:NAWA aliased to artist:notawriteranon? Or whatever the proper operation would be, just since NAWA is how he always signs his stuff.
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Freckle Inspector

done, though I aliased into artist:paloma-paloma because it seems like the artist's preferred tag elsewhere

I'm working on looking at the other tags you guys posted when I have more time
Background Pony #A73A
I don’t think Twitter should imply meta. There’s plenty of reason to have the Twitter tag that aren’t about the fandom specifically.

searching for artist:perrox, artist:perro, artist:perrolo111 should return results for artist:public mistake.

Perro is the name he's going by on twitter, pillowfort, etc

artist:louvely, artist:mistresslouvely should return results for artist:lou
Background Pony #831C
FWIW I believe we should be mass-importing over the aliases/implications. I actively post many suggestions over on derpi with the expectation that it'll eventually make its way over here and lessen the workload. Only notable thing that'd need an exemption is the php artist tags and maybe some that need to be pointed out like jpeg and oc only as @Background Pony #A73A mentioned.
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