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The Great Derpibooru Database Transfer

Background Pony #E734
>>1665170 is lower resolution than its derpi equivalent. Any idea why this could be the case, and if it's likely for other gifs?

While I'm not particular interested in the image I'm taking about, I noticed a discrepancy between Poner and derpi.

Derpi:2409547 (nsfw)
Poner:id doesn't exist. Searched by id and reverse search to make sure

I'm sure I'll live if a few thousand images don't make it over,
I'm just wondering if the system for copying posts missed it or if the copying hasn't finished yet or what. And if it was missed, I wonder how many other images were missed. It's 4 months old, so I figured it'd have ported by now.

Mouth Ready To Service
After all this time, I'm actually not sure why not all the more recent derpi images haven't been ported over yet. Or if they were, that some gaps still exist.
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