[Theme Request] (low priority)


Early Adopter
I'd like to request that a Default-Dark theme be added that looks like the attached picture.


To be honest, I thought this dark theme was one of the default themes on the site. I use Dark Reader to force a dark mode on most of the websites I go to. The only issue with using Dark Reader is that the spoiler text just looks like dark red highlighting over grey text. It vanishes and shows text like normal once I mouse over it, but it can ruin the punchline of a joke sometimes.

Edit: Drag and drop the broken image into a new tab to see it. I also added a link to the image underneath it.

Necro bump? Just wanted to add my voice to this.

I don't see any way to change theme so I assume there aren't any alternate themes yet.

The default gray/orange theme is kind of an eye sore.

I exclusively use an android phone to browse boorus, so I can't force a change as far as I'm aware.

I'm sure it'll come when more important things are taken care of.
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