[Userscript] *Booru Uploader


It's like Derpibooru Image Importer , but made with a different approach.
Examples done with Derpibooru and Furbooru, but should work with any booru.

Script itself, Tampermonkey recommended.

This userscript adds a panel under upload page , which is able to open upload page on different booru and prefill almost everything.

For example, left window content I filled manually, and right window content was formed from it.
For technical reasons I can't transfer image file itself, only fetch link.

Script has an ability to try to respect tagging rules of other boorus by converting rulesets if rules are different, but, of course, it's impossible to cover everything. Check tags before hitting "Upload", please. There is no ruleset for Ponerpics, because I'm unaware about tagging differences.

ATM only Philomena boorus are fully supported. BoR-based boorus are supported partially because of less amount of data for tag analysis.
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