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Bulk Tag Editor

Nobody's perfect, that's especially true when it comes to tagging. This script is for those times when you need to apply the same tag changes across a set of images, whether to refine the tags or fix mistakes. Because while adding one or two tags in bulk might be easy if you're well versed in the keyboard shortcuts, removing existing tags is much more time consuming, requiring you to find and remove it via mouse click.

With the script installed, you can define a set of tags that can be added and removed in the editor with a single click.

On Chrome:
Works with Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey

On Firefox:
Works with Tampermonkey.
Works partially with Violentmonkey by installing alternate script version, with the limitation that the saved tags does not carry over across different domains.

Primary: Click here to install from Github
Firefox Violentmonkey: Click here to install

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