The three princesses arrived with enough time to their appointment with the doctor.

Sunset, Twilight and Luna followed a nurse to the room where Doctor Horse was waiting for them.

"Hello princesses, thank you for coming so soon to the appointment" Said the doctor.

"Well, we weren't going to miss this at all, it's our baby we're talked about" Luna answered with a humble smile.

"Oh, yes, but if it were for you, dear Luna, we would come here in the early hours of the morning even if you were dying of sleep…" Sunset said this time with a funny smile, making Twilight laugh.

Luna blushed slightly and frowned at her wives.

Once Twilight finished laughing, she looked at Doctor Horse and said "Excuse them, I think this pregnancy is doing weird things to both of them hehehe… Well, sincerely I can't say anything, since I am the one that I'm feeling all the changes of emotions because of this little foal" With a smile she put one of her hooves on her pregnant belly.

"Actually Princess Twilight, that's one of the things I wanted to tell you, thanks to the last tests we've done to you, we know that instead of baby, it's babies" The stallion said smiling.

The three mares were speechless, but after a few minutes the three began to smile happily; Sunset and Luna embraced the Princess of Friendship.

"Omg, we're going to have twins! Oh, I can not believe it!" Sunset said happily, almost unable to believe it.

"Ahh… finally…" Luna embraced her two wives with a lot of love; with a satisfied smile and with her eyes closed "Twilight… you are an incredible pony… you do not know how happy you are making us…"

"I love you both…" Said the purple alicorn, receiving a kiss on the head from the other two mares.

"Princesses… I'm sorry to interrupt, but they're not really twins" Doctor Horse interjected.

The three left that happy little atmosphere and looked at the doctor of the pregnant mare.

"What do you mean?" Luna asked confused.

"Well, according to what we have discovered, you are expecting for triplets"

"W-What..?" Twilight murmured, feeling the joy leave her being.

"T-Triplets?" Sunset said a little stunned.

"T-That can not be Doctor… A mare with triplets? That's not…" Luna began to say worriedly.

"It has to be a mistake!" Twilight said somewhat altered "Please Doctor Horse tell me it's a mistake! Tell me you've only checked once!"

"…I'm sorry Twilight… but there is no error in the analysis.."

Twilight began to get nervous, to breathe strongly, she felt like a small panic began to consume it.

"Bu-But what's the problem, exactly?" Asked Sunset.

"What do you remember about the pregnancies of mares?" Luna ask her, trying to control herself.

"N-Not much… I mean, I haven't looked at that kind of books since I went to the other world… and when we know that Twilight had become pregnant I started reading books about foal care, but nothing about how many foals a mare can have…" She explained, passing one of her wings over Twilight's back, seeing with concern in what conditions her pregnant wife was.

"…A mare can not have triplets…" Twilight said in a weak sigh.

"They can not..?" Said Sunset trying to remember.

"Mares usually have a foal, when 11 months pass, they can get pregnant again… it's rare to see a mare with twins, but it's something more normal and common… But triplets?… that's already something else…" Luna explained.

"Is it…? …Sorry, I guess I'm still used to a lot of the things that happen in the human world… I mean, there humans can have even octuplets…"

"But is it so normal? It's not dangerous?" Luna turned to look at her.

"Well… it's not very normal… at the most twins or triplets.. and, well, it's complicated to carry more than one baby"

Luna sighed "Sunset… I don't want to scare you love… but there are very few cases of mares with triplets, and… in most of those cases… the mother or the babies have not managed to survive… in other cases none has done so… and only a few registered cases, perhaps two, have both been able to survive the birth…"

Sunset did not know what to say to that, now she understood better all that worry.

She looked at Twilight, hiding the fear she was beginning to feel, and saw in the shock her wife was in.

"Doctor Horse, why we didn't know about this before?" Luna stood up.

"I knew that you did not want to know the sex of your foal or if you would have two babies… but the 'why' I didn't tell you this before, it's simply because we didn't realize the third foal" The doctor explained "Apparently one of them was smaller than the others, and we only realized it by the latest analysis, we discovered that it has been growing and now seems to be healthy… that's the reason why Twilight is more tired and her belly as grown, just like her appetite and sleep"

"That's why…"

"I apologize princesses, I have cited you as fast as I could, I and other doctors and nurses had to be totally sure of this" He said, sadly for not having noticed before.

Luna passed one of her wings over Sunset's and Twilight's back. Then she asked to the doctor a little altered "Bu-But everything is fine, right?! I mean, we're still in time to supervise her pregnancy as it should and that everything goes well, right?"

"Princesses please, you don't have to be so alarmed, there are still a few months for your babies to be born… you don't have to worry so much, we will control more often the foals and the princess, and at the time of delivery everything will come out well, I promise" Said Doctor Horse seriously, and then he smiled "It's been years since the last record of a triplets pregnancy and the medicine has advanced a lot… I give you my word that nothing bad will happen at the end"

"Y-You heard Twilight.. Everything's going to be fine…" Said Sunset. The yellowish orange alicorn caught one of her wife's hooves with her own hooves, trying to comfort her. Although she herself could not control her nervousness and tremors of anguish.

Twilight didn't say anything, she was still in shock, she did not know how to express how she was feeling at that moment… she was afraid, she was alarmed, surprised and at the same time happy to know that she would have more than one child. But everything was very complicated.

"Twilight? Love? A-Are you okay ..?" Sunset asked with a nervous smile.

"….I do not know…"
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