safe1992141 artist:terry555 edit154332 imported from derpibooru2736170 spike90102 wysteria369 dragon67897 kaiju1593 pony1168805 2 panel comic1387 angry32302 burning716 censored vulgarity555 colored22738 comic120792 computer7239 cropped54974 crushing876 destruction1777 female1232645 flat colors2725 frown27263 godzilla1038 godzilla (series)1728 grawlixes346 indoors4244 kaijufied95 male423583 mare573549 meme90003 partial color5912 ponified meme1517 rage1668 reaction image9969 roar302 sitting76802 solo1248613 spikezilla521 transformation14061


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Background Pony #39A1
Can't be by Terry. No one is shouting "PLUTO'S BALLS" and it wasn't done in MS Paint.