safe2299761 artist:terry610 edit183580 imported from derpibooru3392215 spike102614 wysteria402 dragon83645 kaiju1741 pony1516998 2 panel comic2927 angry38024 bloodshot eyes4000 burning851 censored vulgarity728 colored26360 comic142170 computer8473 cropped60809 crushing1129 destruction2163 female1799649 flat colors3377 frown34677 godzilla1162 godzilla (series)1820 grawlixes407 indoors6747 kaijufied103 male530580 mare714213 meme105323 partial color7215 ponified meme2196 rage1891 reaction image11303 roar348 sitting92804 solo1463067 spikezilla568 transformation16375


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Background Pony #39A1
Can't be by Terry. No one is shouting "PLUTO'S BALLS" and it wasn't done in MS Paint.