“So, how you holdin’ up, sugarcube? Seein’ as you ain’t swellin’ up like a balloon anymore, I’m guessin’ you finally got this big old belly of yours under control, huh?” Applejack smirked as leaned against her massive girlfriend. Though, calling Rarity massive might be an understatement at this point.

Before Rarity could even work up a sassy response, Applejack continues.

“Well, if it’s alright with you, while you worry about dietin’ and exercisin’,” the cowgirl explained as she takes a bite out of a fritter, “I think I better handle the food for now.”

Though it was hard to see past her immensely chubby cheeks, Rarity gave an knowing smirk of her own.

Rarity1538 lbs.
Applejack408 lbs.
suggestive162858 artist:neongothic332 imported from derpibooru2650737 applejack187286 rarity201451 equestria girls234274 amplejack164 applebutt4851 applefat598 bariatric lift21 bbw4698 belly33153 big belly14264 big breasts96327 bingo wings2979 blob2289 breasts315516 busty rarity14523 butt68141 chubby cheeks4369 double chin2170 fat24942 fat boobs846 fat fetish2090 female1180265 fetish47613 huge belly5541 huge breasts44693 huge butt11890 immobile3316 impossibly large belly12200 impossibly large breasts19101 impossibly large butt8296 impossibly large everything1061 impossibly large thighs738 impossibly obese938 large butt21342 lesbian110951 morbidly obese8921 neck roll1275 obese13006 rarijack7754 rarithighs131 raritubby1154 rearity5125 shipping225510 ssbbw1901 story included10456 thighs17875 thunder thighs10202 triple chin243 weight gain4873


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