Story by Zaknel:

"I love you mom."

"Oh son, I love you, too."

These words made Pink Hugs so happy for Hearts and Hooves Day.

She had always felt lonely on this day. Never feeling like anypony was gonna love her all that much. But one Hearts and Hooves Day, her son took notice of her pain. "Mom, is there anything I can do to cheer you up?"

She was averse to this at first. She did not wanna make Zaknel uncomfortable. He was her son, and she was supposed to love him. But he persisted, demanding to make her happy. She thought to herself, "Surely, it won't hurt him to dress up a little?"

She whispered into her daughter's ear what she wanted, and Zebrina just chuckled to herself as she took her brother by the hand to her friend's dress shop. He was confused at first, but when she took his measurements and came back out a half hour later with a white wedding dress, his face turned red as a rose.

He absolutely hated his feminine physique. Everyone at school always liked to call him a filly, and tease him for it. He didn't like it, but they kept right on going. And now his sister and mother were doing it, too. He tried to protest, but Zebrina was strong enough to drag him back to the changing room and force him into the dress against his will.

And when he was in it, Zebrina said he looked like the prettiest filly on the block. She dragged him out, paid for his dress, and took him home, getting stares all the while. He hated it so much.

And in an instant, he forgot about it all as soon as he saw the look on his mother's face. He was so adorable in that gown that she couldn't help herself. She ran over to him and started kissing him. "Oh, son, you are so precious!" And after holding him for a few minutes, she told him to wait and then walked into her closet.

She told herself she wouldn't do this, and that she would just be making him crossdress, but she wanted to dress up with him. So she put on her wedding dress and came out to meet him, to hold him close, and love him.
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