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safe1824470 artist:puma不想出门1 imported from derpibooru2510783 applejack179881 daring do6671 fluttershy225180 pinkie pie228351 princess celestia101019 princess luna104602 rainbow dash246653 rarity192261 scootaloo54640 spitfire14213 starlight glimmer52521 twilight sparkle319875 oc758083 alicorn239687 anthro285275 bat pony55568 bat pony alicorn2343 cat6733 earth pony263676 pegasus311334 pony1024997 unicorn344543 ^^235 animated104385 bat ponified3016 bat wings12586 beanbrows611 blood26042 blushing214026 catified429 clothes496605 collar36380 cross-popping veins1703 cute208656 cute little fangs2246 ear fluff31680 emanata90 eyebrows3494 eyes closed99787 fangs28050 floating heart2604 heart51902 horn76412 japanese8418 kissy face495 magical girl553 misspelling2461 music3081 music video327 nosebleed2505 nyan24 one eye closed33140 open mouth157810 punch1298 race swap15172 rainbow cat110 scepter1211 school bag16 school uniform7737 socks72574 sound9663 species swap21723 starry eyes3548 sweat28014 sweatdrop3380 sweatdrops711 thumbs up1063 tuxedo mask61 twibat166 twilight scepter2091 underhoof56072 upside down5932 webm14954 whiskers328 wingding eyes24016 wings123212 wink26463


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Soft Lava
Marenheit Contributor - This little pony contributed to the Marenheit fundraiser of 2020
Auti.. Artist -

الصداقة حرام
Funny you said that. They put their mind to it. I put my mind out of it. Indefinitely.

Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. It's a projection of beauty of the world around us that is always open for ones intepritation. Some art is even larger than life and you don't just envision it in your head while you go through it — you live it through. This piece of art, however, is nothing but shoving a nice big dick inside your brains! And while you might find comfort when you allow your fragile lucid mind to be raped, I'm not brain dead yet so this brain rape kind of hurts! It hurts to watch! It hurts to listen to! Damn, it even hurts to recall how much it hurt — that's how much it fucking hurt!

Man, fuck this brainless work piese of crap! If you like this art you're better off taking in some LSD first so at least you'll have an excuse why you allowed this shit to fill up space in your head, you masochist!

Hopeful Pioneer
I have no idea what this is, but weebs can make impressive stuff when they put their mind to it.