[My Little Pony: Merry Christmas Everypony!: The perfect children’s Christmas gift for My Little Pony fans!]( on Amazon UK
safe2020713 artist:agnesgarbowska891 imported from derpibooru2776372 hitch trailblazer7706 sunny starscout12459 earth pony332311 pony1192469 spoiler:g513793 spoiler:winter wishday497 background pony10958 bag7124 beanie4440 bow36910 christmas17226 christmas lights2194 clothes566710 crystal brighthouse149 female1255655 g539582 hat108048 holiday28081 male431500 mare585611 maretime bay515 merry christmas everypony2 official11351 ribbon8222 saddle bag7073 scarf28304 sign4966 snow17158 snowfall5144 snowflake914 stallion140201 text75038 twilight sparkle's cutie mark243 winter5493 winter hat324 winter outfit1778 winter wishday499 wreath1188


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Hopeful Pioneer
I'm actually pleasantly surprised it says Christmas and not "Happy Holidays" BS.
Though I'm guessing Hearthswarming doesn't exist in G5?