safe1987271 artist:lunar harmony37 oc851091 oc only544812 oc:filly anon3978 earth pony321438 pony1165204 bed50354 bedtime56 blanket6590 cute227189 featured image965 female1228908 filly80718 simple background493220 sleepy1982 solo1245666 tired3896 transparent background241913


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i hate the antichrist
I simply can't get this idea out of my head. Anonfilly's design, and especially her cutiemark, implies that it could be anything. But imagine her design as-is. That she is indeed green, and her cutiemark is a question mark.
First, her child bed gets marked with a question mark. Which gets interpreter by child care takers as "unknown", this her bed gets assigned to some other filly/foal. And then, Anonfilly seeing some other filly gets assigned to her bed she slept for weeks in.
Then same with clothes, food, and basically everything else. She gets replaced every time, simply because other ponies interpreture her cutie mark wrong.
War time arc: Anonfilly is involved in many battles, and basically becomes a national hero. But some stray bullet hits her, and she dies. And her coffin is marked with a question mark. Witch again gets… you know it. She is now buried in an unmarked grave. All of her devotion is erased from existance, simply because of that question mark on her flanks.
She was supposed to be a somepony, like everypony else. But her cutiemark, that gets interpeted by other ponies incorrectly each time they see it gets her replaced with somepony else. She is cursed to live as a nopony. She is cursed to live to be forgotten.
I am not sober as I'm typing this.