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Doomguy rates this pony 666/10. It's also Caleb's most trusted companion.

safe2205094 artist:t72b1293 imported from derpibooru2907847 oc933030 gun pony30 human218464 object pony978 original species35548 pony1360035 blood (game)4 caleb9 clothes606976 coat3843 cultist183 dark5451 double barrel shotgun5 female1516063 floppy ears67894 gun20495 hat116637 holding a pony4076 limited palette2293 mare648458 night35363 not salmon2997 open mouth212750 ponified50546 reference5646 robe4581 shells36 shooting652 shotgun1912 simple background549315 smoke3381 trenchcoat762 wat22607 weapon39866 weapon pony9


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Background Pony #BA74
I live… again! And I even bought the Applejack shotgun DLC only available at GameStop™