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[sperg]"Muh stoppan powah" is a deep, deep rabbit hole if you want to go down it. Some people fight until they bleed out and tip over, some are stunned by the blow and fall down immediately. Part of it seems to be psychological. Some people have always believed that the stunning effect is more common with projectiles that inflict more damage because they are larger, or traveling at higher velocity, or designed to deform in soft tissue. Individuals of my acquaintance who spent time in certain dusty and sandy parts of the world recently and had the opportunity to observe such phenomena firsthand said that a big part of it seems to be whether or not the bullet strikes bone and breaks it on the way through.[/sperg]
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Kind of a terrifying concept honestly. In places where there are no guns because the people there haven't developed them, you can unload lead into spearmen and they will not fucking drop from immediately nonlethal hits because they have no concept of firearms and do not know that they're a walking corpse now.
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