Big Mac x Shining Armor (left) and Twilight x Troubleshoes (right)!

Grid results for ponymaws! For the left guy, I tried to go with a rusty look with the teal patina to kinda tie the two opposite themes together. I really like it but I don't know if it's too crazy-
And for the gal on the right, I went with a soft dusty, flowery colour scheme!

For Big Mac x Shining Armor…
Suggested Names: Patino Apple, Seafoam Spitzenberg, Ashmeade

Design Details:
- Much bigger than the average pony; he inherited his father's height! That made him a very spindly colt, and it took him a long time to grow into his legs (and ears probably)
- It would be sort of cool like, if rust, he was very grey before then as he grew up it his fur became more reddish with the teal spots
- His light spotting is focused more on the side that shows, and his other side is mostly plain!

For Twilight x Troubleshoes…
Suggested Names: Lilac Nova, Twilight Starstreaker, Andromeda

Design Details:
- I picture her, under all that fluff, to be relatively slim and graceful, maybe even like a ballet dancer! She does lean more towards punk-ish style though.
- Like her mother, she has little star-shaped freckles scattered over her coat.
- Her hair is straight-cut at the ends but she does tousel it a lot so it looks a bit more relaxed!

Hope you like them!
safe2071343 artist:felinenostalgic26 imported from derpibooru2847143 oc896210 oc only569624 earth pony348936 pony1233909 unicorn433615 choker17778 coat markings4888 cousins866 duo92082 earth pony oc18129 female1297040 gray background11137 horn111387 magical gay spawn1432 male447271 mare606015 offspring48481 parent:big macintosh4123 parent:shining armor1770 parent:trouble shoes189 parent:twilight sparkle10162 parents:shiningmac34 parents:troubletwi3 simple background521793 socks (coat markings)2618 stallion146449 twitterina design45 unicorn oc20651 unshorn fetlocks37227


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