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safe2375064 edit189460 editor:undeadponysoldier2370 imported from ponybooru25263 scootaloo68906 sweetie belle65798 pegasus505247 pony1579590 unicorn550143 bloom and gloom1206 breaking the fourth wall1388 clubhouse1141 crusaders clubhouse1049 dialogue100151 duo154474 female1865399 filly104174 foal42049 looking at you276542 low effort caption49 meme106975 scootaloo is not amused256 text97740 unamused24602


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Background Pony #BCB4
Alright, I was talking about the shitty user who uploaded these low quality edits (undeadponysoldier). His user name was Zonai or some shit on Ponybooru.
Background Pony #BCB4
I really wish one of the mods would publicly slap down that faggot Zonai (who recently changed his name to Fierce Diety or some shit). It's very easy to see that half the reports crying about people being mean, reporting three month old comment sections that have long since died and so forth are coming from them.