safe2434508 edit193732 edited screencap94543 imported from derpibooru3583265 screencap312604 applejack229097 fluttershy294755 pinkie pie292319 princess cadance46946 princess luna133896 rainbow dash319854 rarity248837 shining armor32584 spike106719 starlight glimmer67009 trixie90499 twilight sparkle410361 alicorn339214 earth pony472739 pegasus526861 pony1630785 unicorn572787 my little pony: pony life8294 animated142965 chinese4448 embrace901 equestria726 fireworks2918 flying59669 mane six43088 map2080 moon34490 ponyville8714 sad34794 tentacles17415 time133 train3692 tree53580 video2063 webm28356


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I love china!!! ❤️❤️❤️ China is the greatest in the world!!!