i feel as if a degree of context is necessary

on the twitter post for >3378557 a certain individual with the handle "NightmareLuna88" left a reply that read:
Neighremberg kangoroo court was Soviet-style court full of gryphons, which tortured its defendants bolshevik-style for "war crimes" and Allied war propaganda. Aryanne is symbol of racially conscious Whites and her torture by blonde Derpy is "lol.funny". Are you Anti-White?

you'd assume this is a joke but one look at their profile reveals that they are deadly serious. they just replaced the things they mean with pony terms (neighremberg being nuremburg, gryphons being JOOOZ). in other words they're out of their fucking mind

i saw a golden opportunity for a little bit of trolling and drew this. my reply was captioned:
shitbrained morons like yourself are useful idiots for capital, emphasis on idiot. the international fraternity of workers will usher in a new world devoid of your racist brainworms. i dance on your führer's shallow grave, and his supporters should follow his example.
grimdark41946 artist:moonatik1615 imported from derpibooru3581069 oc1057007 oc only745003 oc:aryanne4490 oc:dihya1 oc:gennaro bordiclaw1 oc:valery stablein8 bat pony82335 earth pony472278 griffon40227 pony1629390 equestria at war mod2242 bat pony oc31816 bat wings22955 beret3051 blood35381 clothes704849 coat4434 communism1122 dead5941 earth pony oc25995 female1923039 griffon oc5272 gun23238 handgun4454 hat134946 hoofbump1564 male573121 mare776316 nazi5684 pistol3212 ponified56115 shirt43732 stallion198646 suicide982 valery sablin10 weapon45587 wings247332


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I can't decide whether this individual is serious or a master ruseman using subtle 87 dimensional chess tactics to take us all on a ruse cruise.
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