A question before I start here


Before I go through the effort of setting up my favorite tags and watched and getting settled in here, is it safe to tell fag flag fliers to fuck off in the comments of their uploads? Is it permissible to tell them how they're delusional and will never be happy with themselves no matter how much they mutilate their bodies in pursuit of idiotic goals?
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Yeah, you'll be fine. The mods are pretty chill here. Have a look at the site rules page, if you haven't already. Ponerpics has sensible staff-specific rules and they actually do a pretty good job of following them from everything I've seen.

The Ponerpics userbase doesn't like mouthpieces very much and pride flags are almost always downvoted. For your consideration, here is a list of recently uploaded images that contain pride flags and have comments:

I just got banned for a week this time, because I refuse to use my filters to hide from all the pridesters.

I may have to go full asshole and give them reason to ban me for life just like derpi' did.
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the people who make those pictures aren't the ones uploading them here so they probably won't see them. but if you want to, you do you.

I've been banned for 30 days on ponybooru this time. Because I won't quit telling fag flag fliers that they aren't special.
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I've been banned for 30 days on ponybooru this time. Because I won't quit telling fag flag fliers that they aren't special.

Sadly Ponybooru is getting more and more like Derpibooru 2.0 now. They have poor management especially by Napsack.
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To quote what one of the mods told another user with a similar gripe:
This isn't exclusively about 'spamming' but also the fact that it's against our rule about filtering content as was mentioned to you. You seem to have some idea about why this site was created, and one of the core reasons was that certain people were completely unwilling to filter content they didn't like by using the tools given to them. There's a reason 'Filters' is the very first word of our rules page.

Filters: Ponybooru hosts a multitude of content. Some users may find certain content objectionable. Please use your filters. […] it is up to you to decide what content you will allow yourself to see.

>refuses to filter thing he doesn't like
>comments about not liking thing he doesn't like on every image of thing he doesn't like
>gets put in time-out

@Background Pony #6CEE
Yes. I am outright refusing to run and hide from the degenerates who flaunt their fuckery preferences in our faces and enjoy the full protection and blessing of the law while still crying victim whenever they're criticized.

I'm done putting up with the folks who're grooming toddlers into sexual deviancy, trying to get laws passed to let children chops off their dangly bits without parental consent or knowledge, and twerking their naked asses in front of children at pride parades.

To hell with the lot of them and their allies.
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>his way of fighting back is shit flinging on a rip off ethiopian horse image booru
I shiggy diggy, go commit terrorism while writing a manifesto about how much you love your pony waifu
Punished McGee

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I have no points to give you. This ain't a bikini contest. And although you speak like a woman, I doubt you have a nice girly ass to go with that.

But fine, I give you minus seventeen points for promoting violence against leprechauns.
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